Sunday, May 19, 2013

April 17 near San Francisco - WTF?

So it was a pretty nice ride on the train this morning. Only had 4 more stops to go and no one sitting next to me. Scratch that. I look up at the corner of my eye while playing Candy Crush and see someone approaching the seat next to me. I figure, oh well... and then BAM! this female drops into the chair full weight like it was a friggin bouncy house. Wanting to just get back to my game I couldn't help the smell emanating from this girl. She smelled like char siu chinese bbq. wtf? Maybe she works at a chinese restaurant or something. Now I'm breathing through my mouth and playing my game. 10 seconds goes by and she can't keep still. She stands up quickly and starts taking off layers of clothing. I think it was like 3 jackets and a sweater. No I'm not exaggerating. So she sits down after the commotion and what do I smell? It's not char siu bbq, it's the strongest curry smelling essence I've experienced. I got flashbacks from business trips travelling to India. Apparently odors come in different layers too. I thought I was close to gagging until she pulled out a jar of some purple concoction that looked like someone ate bagoong (my filipino friends know what I'm talking about) and hurled it back out. She unscrews that top and starts chugging it like a Jamba Juice without a straw while smacking he lips after each chug. At this point I had enough. I had to get up out of my chair before I threw up, and I don't usually get nauseated to the point of throwing up that easy. How was your ride into work? Happy Wednesday.

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