Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Run Forrest Run!!!

Just left the office. What a screwed up day it was... not so much in the office but just in general. It was one of those days where you wanted to hit the reset button. Anyway, there were about 4 minutes till my train arrives. Of course the elevator had to stop a couple times before hitting ground zero. I was kind of in a hurry. My friend said "I'll see you later. You better run and hurry up to get the train". I replied "nah". Basically, I have a rule on BART. Never run for the train because you WILL get the door slammed in your face. If that happens then you gotta play it off. I'm too old for that stuff.

Do you have a rule to live by on BART? Leave an answer in the comments.

Oh I guess I should mention that today's exciting BART story was at Powell station on the way home where the doors closed on a lady with a pull handled luggage. When it squashed her, her bag was stuck outside the train.  About half the side of the train went "whoa" in unison. After she pried herself free she decided not to board. Good move because these two guys were cracking up. So this brings up my question again, "what are your rules for riding BART"?  She'll probably be living by the same rule as me from now on.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Today I get the lady that has a bagful of fun sit next to me. I can tell it has a little bit of everything. As she rummages through her bag everyone is looking at her because it sounds like all of Santa's reindeer wearing tap shoes landing on a your roof and having a party. Finally she settles down and picks the object of her choice to entertain her during her morning commute. Was it a book? No. Could it be an e-reader or maybe a smartphone? Nope. Maybe some makeup. Who knows, she might be a war paint hero I've never encountered on the train. Nope... This is what she takes out to fidget with for the next 10 minutes...  Are you kidding me?  Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gone Squatchin!

Today seemed pretty good.  No people were run over on BART or Caltrain.   Well, not too sure about Caltrain but there were definitely none on BART.   I took an earlier train home.  Jumped on the SFO Airport train today.  Just when you thought it was safe, the car filled up like a buffet in Vegas.  It got so full everyone was touching a stranger today.  The train pulled into Civic Center.  I was thinking,"Ok, there's no way anyone is gonna get on this train".  I was wrong.  I saw people bumping into each other out the corner of my eye and could hear cussing under their breath.   Someone was forcing their way into the train.  I looked up... well I had no choice.  This tall ass Howard Stern looking sasquatch mofo with a big ass back pack forced himself onto the train because his punk ass couldn't wait for the next one.  Damn, I hate public transportation.  It gets so old.  At least he wasn't naked with an afro doing acrobatics.

Monday, June 17, 2013

UPDATE: Naked Acrobat Arrested Today

Our favorite naked big hair wearing acrobat was just arrested today.  Click here for the article. He was spotted panhandling for money in the Embarcadero.  You can tell that was him by the tat on his left forearm.  Dumbass shoulda covered that up in addition to his mug with the tribal mask.  You can see that video here.  Get this clown off our streets already.


What's Going On?

Guess what?!!!  Nothing to really write about today AGAIN!  Everything was "normal" on the train ride in and back today.  Apparently all the action happened at the Caltrain 22nd Street station tonight.  Someone with a knife was causing some tension on a ledge near the station.  What's funny is how the news is always so wrong when it first erupts.  At first report it was a guy with a gun that had someone hostage, then it toned down a little to a guy with a gun, and then now a knife.  Gotta love the media and the brainwashing about fearing guns. 

Last Friday Night...

Hello boys and girls.  I've been pretty busy the past few days and didn't get a chance to put the latest on here.  It was a pretty quiet week last week for me so I don't really have anything silly to say about any weirdos or punks on the train. 

However, last Friday was a pretty crappy day at BART in general.  There was a fire on the tracks at Balboa that caused delays from about 11AM till just before the rush hour commute home.   Thinking things would be back to normal I was waiting at Montgomery station my friend jumps on the 24th and Mission train to get a head start to come back the other direction so he can get a seat into the East Bay.  A minute goes by and here comes my train.  It was packed because of the earlier delays.  I was lucky to snag a seat.  Off to Powell Street we go, and for some reason the train is creeping.  Oh boy here we go again.  Nothing is mentioned on the intercom.  Fast forward a couple stops and we're at a complete stop in the tunnel.  WTF is going on now?  I got a text from my friend and apparently the cops are apprehending a perp.  He sent me this pic.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

See ya! Don't Let The Door Hit ya on the...


Looks like our old friend the butt nekkid acrobatic guy that was harassing people at the 16th St Mission station is gonna get deported.  Read more about it at this link.

Friday, June 7, 2013

I Can Only Imagine

Pretty cool. Saw the singer for Mercy Me and a familiar face on the train today. Why can't he just leave us alone? Happy Friday!