Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Run Forrest Run!!!

Just left the office. What a screwed up day it was... not so much in the office but just in general. It was one of those days where you wanted to hit the reset button. Anyway, there were about 4 minutes till my train arrives. Of course the elevator had to stop a couple times before hitting ground zero. I was kind of in a hurry. My friend said "I'll see you later. You better run and hurry up to get the train". I replied "nah". Basically, I have a rule on BART. Never run for the train because you WILL get the door slammed in your face. If that happens then you gotta play it off. I'm too old for that stuff.

Do you have a rule to live by on BART? Leave an answer in the comments.

Oh I guess I should mention that today's exciting BART story was at Powell station on the way home where the doors closed on a lady with a pull handled luggage. When it squashed her, her bag was stuck outside the train.  About half the side of the train went "whoa" in unison. After she pried herself free she decided not to board. Good move because these two guys were cracking up. So this brings up my question again, "what are your rules for riding BART"?  She'll probably be living by the same rule as me from now on.

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