Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gone Squatchin!

Today seemed pretty good.  No people were run over on BART or Caltrain.   Well, not too sure about Caltrain but there were definitely none on BART.   I took an earlier train home.  Jumped on the SFO Airport train today.  Just when you thought it was safe, the car filled up like a buffet in Vegas.  It got so full everyone was touching a stranger today.  The train pulled into Civic Center.  I was thinking,"Ok, there's no way anyone is gonna get on this train".  I was wrong.  I saw people bumping into each other out the corner of my eye and could hear cussing under their breath.   Someone was forcing their way into the train.  I looked up... well I had no choice.  This tall ass Howard Stern looking sasquatch mofo with a big ass back pack forced himself onto the train because his punk ass couldn't wait for the next one.  Damn, I hate public transportation.  It gets so old.  At least he wasn't naked with an afro doing acrobatics.

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