Monday, June 17, 2013

Last Friday Night...

Hello boys and girls.  I've been pretty busy the past few days and didn't get a chance to put the latest on here.  It was a pretty quiet week last week for me so I don't really have anything silly to say about any weirdos or punks on the train. 

However, last Friday was a pretty crappy day at BART in general.  There was a fire on the tracks at Balboa that caused delays from about 11AM till just before the rush hour commute home.   Thinking things would be back to normal I was waiting at Montgomery station my friend jumps on the 24th and Mission train to get a head start to come back the other direction so he can get a seat into the East Bay.  A minute goes by and here comes my train.  It was packed because of the earlier delays.  I was lucky to snag a seat.  Off to Powell Street we go, and for some reason the train is creeping.  Oh boy here we go again.  Nothing is mentioned on the intercom.  Fast forward a couple stops and we're at a complete stop in the tunnel.  WTF is going on now?  I got a text from my friend and apparently the cops are apprehending a perp.  He sent me this pic.

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